Celebrate to elevate

We are one month away from the biggest and best awards gala in our industry, the Hot Firm + A/E Industry Awards Conference. The buzz is increasing in the halls of our office, and you can sense the energy in the market as winning firms tout their success through social media and press releases.

Celebrating is good, and we need to look for every opportunity to enjoy and recognize our accomplishments. Let’s face it, as an industry, sometimes we forget to focus on having a good time. There are plenty of examples out there of bad awards programs and ceremonies. Just ask your spouse or a guest that you have taken to one of these so-called celebrations in the past, and they’ll tell you I’m right.

That’s why we invest so much in our event, making it more like the Oscars. Why should Hollywood get to have all the fun? And the truth is, we have something to celebrate that’s far more important than original scores, scripts, and directors. We are the designers of the world. The development of communities, quality of life, and economic growth depend on our professions. We are the AEC industry, critical to the advancement of civilization. Now is the time to come together, congratulate ourselves and our peers, and revel in our collective achievements. In other words, let’s celebrate! But while we have fun, let’s remember that much deeper purposes are being realized:

  1. Creating momentum. Firms that celebrate success beget success. As the momentum grows, the firm develops an increasingly positive energy that is critical to further growth and evolution. Celebrating the accomplishments of individuals and organizations can have a profound impact on both culture and operations. When we win awards, it tells our people they are important. That perception becomes reality as the firm adopts a more positive outlook.
  2. Being good to oneself. The act of celebrating brings the mind, body, and spirit into harmony, releasing endorphins that make you feel good. This conditions you to seek more rewards in daily work and life. If we fail to celebrate, we are robbing ourselves of important reinforcing benefits. It’s kind of like bonuses and other perks. Why give any of these great things up?
  3. A learning opportunity. Celebrating helps us understand what works. It tells the firm what is good and shows us what we should focus on. Celebrating with other firms enhances, exponentially, the educational value of the fest, as we learn how other firms take care of their staff and their clients.

I encourage you to find new ways to celebrate the accomplishments of your firm and its people. The benefits are not just numerous, but enormous in effect. Indeed, we need to take our celebrations to a new level, gaining greater exposure for our industry. This helps to not only elevate our firms, but the entire industry, and enables us to attract much needed talent to fill the increasing demands of infrastructure.

Come help us elevate the industry by honoring your people and their success, and recognizing the tremendous impact the AEC industry is having on the world. Grab your hat and boots and come to the Hot Firm + A/E Industry Awards Conference on Sept. 20-21 in Dallas at the Fairmont Hotel. Let’s celebrate!

Chad Clinehens is Zweig Group’s president and CEO. Contact him at cclinehens@zweiggroup.com.

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