The Zweig Letter podcast: Lessons from grandparents – Mitch Fortner, President, KSA Engineers

On this episode of The Zweig Letter podcast, Randy Wilburn had a chance to visit with Mitch Fortner, PE, president of KSA Engineers in Longview, Texas. Mitch joined KSA in 1984 and has been president since 2016. The future certainly looks bright for his firm.

Mitch shared some great advice and life lessons he learned from his grandparents who grew up in a small Texas town during the Great Depression. Mitch recently wrote a blog post about what he learned from his grandparents, which you can check out here.

They discussed the importance of conservationism and rehabilitation in the design industry, the mentoring mindset required of a growing firm, effective communication, and why you should be a good steward in every community you serve. They also talked about whether Mitch is a DC or Marvel guy and about how Phil Knight’s book Shoe Dog impacted him.

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