Zweig Group Media: Licensed P.E. Day

On this episode of the TZL Podcast, Randy Wilburn and Sanjay Jenkins discussed a mini social media campaign they executed for AECWorkforce on August 2, which was Licensed P.E. Day.

They talked about the power of the direct message on Instagram and Twitter. A good resource to learn more about the direct message, or DM, can be found on Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog.

Sanjay mentioned the National Society of Professional Engineers (@nspe on Twitter and @nspe_hq on Instagram) and how they promoted Licensed P.E. Day using a hashtag – #licensedpeday. Sanjay and Randy had conversations with NSPE using Twitter, which could allow for a deeper relationship to be built.

Randy talked about how social media can be used for hiring and retaining great talent. He expanded on the subject by laying out some dos and don’ts for exporting a firm’s culture onto social media.

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