Zweig Group Media: Millennial Roundtable

In this episode of the podcast, Randy Wilburn has a roundtable discussion with Zweig Group’s executive search consultant, Chad Coldiron, and interns Sanjay Jenkins and Jordan Barrett. They discuss the millennial generation and the value they bring to the workplace, in addition to marketing efforts and how you can use social media as a platform to talk about your company and the projects you’re working on. Too often firm leaders think this information isn’t worthy of a response from the public, but this information can be very valuable.

The group also talked about social media strategies with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and had a chance to mention the firm that Jordan and Sanjay started, Boxxyy. They also discussed some of the people who have influenced them in the social space, including Gary Vaynerchuk. If you want to learn more about social media, this is the episode for you.

Additional information:

Chad Coldiron
Instagram: @chadcoldiron

Sanjay Jenkins
twitter: @SanjayAtPlay
Instagram: @CorndogBillionaire
Youtube: Sanjay Jenkins

Jordan Barrett
twitter: @jordan__barrett

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