Zweig Group Media: Stale Fredlund Husby, Co-founder and CEO, Relink

In this episode, Randy talks to Stale Fredlund Husby, co-founder and CEO of Relink – a Copenhagen-based technology startup that’s transforming the way people identify their next job or employee. The company’s website compares Relink to Netflix, saying that just as the popular streaming service recommends movies based on the user’s preferences, Relink’s technology recommends people to jobs and jobs to people. They deliver this technology as a service.

Husby talks about artificial intelligence and machine learning, and goes over what he expects to see technology-wise in the recruiting space in the next three to five years. He also discusses a recent Huffington Post article about machine learning called “Let the Machines Do the Learning” by Gregoris Kalai.

The benefits of a great hire, and the detriment of a bad one, make outsourcing your next search one of the most crucial decisions your firm will make. For information about Zweig Group’s recruiting services, click here.

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Stale Fredlund Husby, CEO, Relink

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