Zweig Group Media: TZL Exclusive Bill Murphey Zweig Group Director of Training and Events

In this episode of The Zweig Letter podcast, Randy talks to Bill Murphey, Zweig Group’s director of training and events. Bill introduces himself by talking about what he does at Zweig Group. To give TZL podcast listeners a chance to learn more about Bill, Randy asks some more personal questions. Bill talks about the last book he read and about his last vacation.

Bill goes over some of the seminars that Zweig Group offers, including some new seminars. Zweig Group’s new Leadership Skills For AEC Professionals seminar is a two-day seminar that was developed to provide design and technical professionals with the skills they need to become more competent leaders. The course helps attendees develop and reaffirm the leadership skills, strategies, and techniques they need to grow personally and professionally.

Zweig Group is devoted to bringing AEC firms the best in specialized programs. The content is focused on the challenges AEC firms face, and the faculty for Zweig Group’s seminars are industry experts with firsthand AEC experience. Zweig Group is also a leading provider of customized in-house training and development. Leaders of today’s most successful firms have discovered that targeted in-house programs can provide their staff and firms with the best and most cost-effective professional development training. Click here to learn more about Zweig Group’s seminars.

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