Zweig Group Media: TZL Exclusive Chris Catton ZG’s SF Office Leader and Executive Search Consultant

In this episode, Randy talks with Chris Catton, Zweig Group’s San Francisco office leader and executive search consultant. They had a chance to talk about all things recruiting and retention related. Chris recently spoke at a Bay Area Association of A/E Business Leaders (AEBL) event. They talked about some of the topics of that discussion including the implementation of retention plans at firms, recruiting in general, leadership, student loan debt repayment, and the gig economy. All of this and more in this episode of The Zweig Letter podcast.

The benefits of a great hire, and the detriment of a bad one, make outsourcing your next search one of the most crucial decisions your firm will make. Unlike typical recruiting agencies that simply throw candidates at you for consideration, Zweig Group works for you, searching for exactly the person you need. Zweig Group sells your firm to candidates and sets the stage for your firm to close the deal. For more information about Zweig Group’s recruiting services, click here.

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