Zweig Media: TZL Extra – Interview #3 with Will Schnier CEO of Big Red Dog

Thanks for checking out our TZL Extra video series here at Zweig Group. Our goal is to bring you the best and brightest minds leading the Design Industry. In this episode, we have Will Schnier, CEO of Engineering Firm Big Red Dog based in Austin, TX with us. They say great things come in three’s and we think this third interview with Will will not disappoint.

Branding is the focus of this interview. Will gives us a peek behind the branding and marketing curtain at Big Red Dog. He discusses how they came up with the name of the firm, their value proposition, what a culture that demands excellence looks like, and what allowed them to grow from three to 100 people in less than seven years.

Now that they have offices throughout Texas and a growing client base
Will shows us how a Millennial-led company can be wildly successful in the Design Industry.

He shares his firm’s mission statement:

“To make our clients more successful while we make the engineering business cool!”

Will is indeed building a brand and company worth noting in the Design Industry. Check out this interview to learn some of his secrets. You may figure out why, in his words, “Big Red Dog has been Stodge Free Since 2009!”

Enjoy the latest iteration of The Zweig Letter podcast on video and let us know what you think about this format.

See you next time!

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